WA pilot program promotes STEM growth

L-R: Frank Tudor, Susan Kreemer Pickford, Laurie Curro, Sanket Wankhede, Nathan Mazoue, Deidre Willmott, Mike Nahan

The importance of studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects has been reinforced by the industry-first pilot training program Engineers Australia is supporting in conjunction with Horizon Power and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Western Australia.

The program involves engineering graduates Sanket Wankhede and Nathan Mazoue undertaking a six-month internship with Horizon Power (in Western Australia), with Engineers Australia providing training and engineering support.

Engineers Australia’s WA Division general manager Susan Kreemer Pickford said the industry-first training program is a paradigm shift in employing engineering graduates and is a compelling example of the benefits of studying STEM  subjects.“

“Both graduates who have been working with Horizon Power are genuinely excited about the work they are doing and their career prospects, and we hope this sends a message to others who are currently contemplating which subjects to choose at university,” she said.

“The collaboration between industry and representative organisations is showing the way to overcome employing graduates in a challenging economic environment, which Western Australia is currently faced with.”

Engineers Australia is encouraging other Western Australian-based companies to explore hiring graduates through the program.

“If there are other companies keen to hire graduates who are seeking to accumulate three years of experience, then come and speak with us about the program,” Mrs Kreemer Pickford said.

“The program is tailored to provide a clear path for graduates to work towards achieving chartered engineering status.

“Engineers Australia would like to recognise Horizon Power and the CCI for the role each is playing in this important pilot program.”

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