Victorian electricity upgrade to improve supply to local residents

Kongwak’s electricity provider SP AusNet has begun carrying out maintenance works to replace 38 powerpoles and upgrade powerlines to improve power supply in the area as part of a $20 million investment in infrastructure by the power company.

The works in Kongwak, to be completed by February 2011, are part of SP AusNet’s project to improve powerlines in 29 locations within eastern, central and northern Victoria, leading to an improved and more reliable electricity supply for SP AusNet customers.

SP AusNet spokesperson, Joe Adamo said the company was committed to ensuring its electricity network was as reliable as possible, with this work set to improve power supply for residents in the area.

“Following routine powerline inspections, 38 powerpoles and powerlines in Kongwak were identified as being able to be replaced, which is what our crews will be doing during the following five months,” he said.

“Kongwak residents may notice increased activity in Kongwak-Inverloch Road and Scotts Estate Road as crews work gradually to complete this work,” he said.

In order to minimise inconvenience, specialised construction techniques will be used to complete as much work as possible without needing to turn off the electricity supply to customers’ properties.