Victorian distribution networks deliver new branding message

Good People in Power

Victorian electricity distribution networks CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy have unveiled a new brand platform that celebrates the people that make power possible.

Created by BWM Dentsu Group, the ‘good people in power’ platform aims to reset the energy conversation by using selfie-style cinematography to connect Victorians with the linesmen and women – or ‘lineys’ – that bring them reliable electricity every day.

CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy general manager of corporate affairs Joanne Pafumi said by pulling back the curtain on some of the daily moments where the importance of a reliable electricity supply may be overlooked, the new positioning aims to transform customers’ perception of the networks.

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“The good people in power platform is part of our investment in creating a more direct and meaningful relationship with customers. In doing so, we want to lift our people’s profile by highlighting the quality work they do every day to deliver electricity supplies at better than 99.9 per cent reliability. This is what our teams are passionate about – and that comes through in the creative,” Joanne said.

While 66 per cent of homes and businesses located across Victoria have their electricity delivered by either CitiPower, Powercor or United Energy, Joanne explains that building a stronger relationship with customers is crucial for the networks.

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“Customers now have a wide range of choice for how to use electricity, meaning distributors need to have more of a presence if customers are to get the most out of their systems and receive appropriate support and advice,” she said.