Victoria and Queensland lead in Australia’s top solar suburbs

Suburban homes with solar panels installed on the rooftops (flexible services)
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Solar Run has analysed publicly available data from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to calculate the total number of solar installations in every Australian suburb between January 2020 and December 2023, offering a detailed look into the adoption of clean energy at a community level.

Victoria’s Tarneit leads the charge with an impressive 2,177 solar installations, showcasing the suburb’s strong commitment to sustainable energy. Following closely is Box Hill in NSW, shining brightly with 2,152 installations.

Queensland, aptly dubbed the Sunshine State, also makes a significant mark on the renewable energy landscape. Winfield in the Bundaberg region stands out with 1,735 installations, turning heads with its substantial investment in solar power. Further down the coast, Caloundra and Mackay are not just known for their scenic beauty but also as pioneers in the solar movement, each boasting installations in the thousands.

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Victoria’s Roxburgh Park and Queensland’s Maryborough demonstrate that suburban areas can transform rooftops into power stations, with 1,475 and 1,466 installations respectively. Meanwhile, Kellyville in NSW follows closely with 1,442 installations, further underscoring the widespread adoption of renewable energy across the nation.

“These findings are a testament to the growing momentum of renewable energy across Australia,” Solar Run CEO and managing director Anthony Kurta said.

“Communities are increasingly recognising the benefits of solar power, not just for the environment but also for economic resilience. Our report highlights the leaders in this green revolution and emphasises the importance of continued support and investment in clean energy.”

Read the full report here.

Top 10 Greenest Suburbs in Australia in 2023

  1. Tarneit, Victoria
  2. Box Hill, New South Wales
  3. Bundaberg, Queensland
  4. Caloundra, Queensland
  5. Mackay, Queensland
  6. Roxburgh Park, Victoria
  7. Maryborough, Queensland
  8. Kellyville, New South Wales
  9. Toowoomba, Queensland
  10. Werribee, Victoria
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