University to host Australia’s largest solar PV flat panel power plant

Solar company Ingenero will develop and install the largest flat panel solar facility in Australia at the University of Queensland (UQ). In addition to the rooftop project, Ingenero will be installing a SolFocus ground-mounted solar array, based on advanced high-efficiency concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology.

In combination, this activity will provide clean energy to the university as well as a training and research platform for assessing multiple leading-edge technologies.

The project will be deployed at the University’s St. Lucia campus in Brisbane. It is a 1.2 megawatt solar system installed across four rooftops. The system will incorporate over 5000 polycrystalline silicon solar panels manufactured by Trina Solar. The large-scale solar energy system will not only provide UQ with a significant source of clean green energy but will also supply data on the effect that embedded solar generators can have within power distribution networks.

It is the latest project in a range of renewable energy-based research projects Ingenero and UQ have closely collaborated on over the last two years. In recognition of the importance of energy-based research, Ingenero is also donating a CPV system from its equipment supplier SolFocus. This SF-1100S array is rated at 8.4 kilowatts, and will be part of a comprehensive research and training program at the university.

“The UQ solar power installation represents the leading edge of commercial and industrial scale solar energy in Australia. The University will substantially reduce their carbon footprint and provide an excellent learning facility for the future leaders in the renewable energy industry,” Ingenero CEO, Steve McRae said.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield commended the State Government for its commitment to solar research and technology.

“UQ will show leadership as a generator and user of solar energy and also as a provider of internationally-recognised teaching, research, and development regarding solar technologies,” Professor Greenfield said.