Unis’ clean energy initiative secures Trailblazer funding

UNSW sign on building with blue sky behind it (Trailblazer)
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A second UNSW research project has received funding under the Australian Government’s Trailblazer Universities Program (Trailblazer). 

A recycling and clean energy initiative led by UNSW Sydney in partnership with the University of Newcastle has been awarded $50 million, sharing a slice of approximately $250 million in government funding.

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The two universities will join forces to lead research commercialisation initiatives that will help Australia and the world transition to sustainable recycling and clean energy solutions and systems.

Federal Government funding of $50 million has been matched by $50 million cash and $47 million in-kind from UNSW and the University of Newcastle for the recycling and clean energy initiative. Over 20 industry partners have expressed support for the initiative and have committed more than $130 million in cash and in-kind contributions.

In partnership with industry, the universities have secured investment and commitments for the development and commercialisation of solutions helping Australia and the world transition to more sustainable energy and material systems in the following priority areas:

  • Electrification, Energy Systems and Storage
  • Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals Manufacturing (with a special focus on Power-to-X “P2X” based production methods for hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels)
  • Next Generation Solar PV and Systems
  • Recycling and MICROfactories.

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UNSW was recently selected as academic lead—alongside University of Newcastle—and headquarters for the $15 million NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub. The Hub is a key part of the NSW government’s Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program and will bring together government, industry, and researchers to fast-track technologies to decarbonise NSW. 

Last month, a University of Adelaide and UNSW defence initiative was also awarded $50 million under the Trailblazer program.

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