Unique solution for delivery and storage of green hydrogen

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Green LOHC (GLOHC) has announced a partnership with liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) technology provider Hynertech, to introduce a unique solution for the safe and efficient delivery and storage of green hydrogen to the Australian market.

As one of the six founding participants of the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area, GLOHC plans to establish a demonstration project in the region to showcase the benefits of the technology for hydrogen storage and transportation.

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GLOHC executive director David Paull said that the signing of a binding MOU with Hynertech is a major step forward in making green hydrogen a viable part of the State’s decarbonisation journey.

“Our vision is to support the use of hydrogen as the fuel behind the electrification of the resources industry in WA and beyond,” Paull said.

“We are excited to introduce a game-changing LOHC technology that provides an efficient, scalable, safe and relatively low cost method for transporting hydrogen in a LOHC at a high density significantly higher than compressed gas.

“What sets the Hynertech technology apart is its ability to safely release the hydrogen as a gas when combined with heat—requiring a much lower temperature than competing technologies.”

The technology combines a unique LOHC formula—a medium for hydrogen to be stored and transported at ambient temperature and pressure—and a catalyst to chemically bind the hydrogen atoms with the LOHC then safely release it as a gas, reversing the process when combined with heat.

Hynertech’s LOHC is chemically stable and has an ignition point higher than diesel, which addresses some of the key product handling risks associated with ammonia and compressed hydrogen and can be re-used hundreds of times.

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The MoU also contemplates a possible future Joint Venture with Hynertech to manufacture the LOHC in Australia in the future.

GLOHC is currently finalising its land option agreement to establish its position in the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area and is progressing a feasibility study for the demonstration project.

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