Two in three fear rising energy prices, says AGL

New research commissioned by AGL Energy has found Australians are becoming increasingly concerned about rising electricity and gas prices, particularly as cold months approach.

The survey, which was completed by Colmar Brunton, questioned more than 1000 Australians and found around 44 per cent of residents, monitored their energy usage. Although energy expenses were found to be one of the largest household bills for those surveyed, around six out of 10 said they were not aware of how to cut energy bills, despite acknowledging it was possible to do so.

Only one third of households surveyed felt they were in control of their energy bills.

AGL Energy general manager of marketing and retail sales Mark Brownfield said rising energy prices is a common topic of concern for Australians.

“Everyone has seen energy prices have gone up and they have gone up substantially,” he said, as reported by the Herald Sun.

“It rates at, if not the top, the top two or three things that are worrying household at the moment, how they’re going to pay their household bills and to stop them going up.”

In response to the research, AGL has launched a new online energy monitoring tool to help Australians better manage their bills and track their energy usage, which Mr Brownfield said would assist customers in trying to reduce their costs.

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