Twin transformers to help power South Strathfield

ausgrid transformer

A major milestone has been reached in a project which will provide a more reliable power supply to homes and businesses across Sydney’s Inner West.

Overnight on Dec 11 a delicate operation was completed to deliver two giant electrical transformers to Ausgrid’s new Strathfield South Zone Substation on Dunlop Street.

Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong said the transformers are part of a major upgrade of the local network.

“The new Strathfield South substation will replace an existing Ausgrid substation at Enfield which has been in service for more than 55 years and has reached the end of its working life.


“The transformers arrival is a major milestone for the project which will help deliver a more reliable power supply for more than 13,000 homes and businesses in Southfield South, Enfield and surrounding suburbs”, Trevor said.

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The substation will also provide the ability to take some load from the Campsie Zone Substation which powers 33,000 customers.

The transformers which weigh in at 40 tonnes each will play an important role converting high voltage electricity down into lower voltage for use by the community.


There was more than meets the eye to the carefully choreographed operation to deliver them safely.

“The transformers were built in Melbourne and loaded onto semi-trailers before the long drive north.

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“Transporting the transformers through suburban Sydney was a logistical challenge, with the project team choosing to make the transfer in the early hours to minimise any disruptions to residents and businesses”, Trevor said.


The operation, which would have done Optimus Prime proud, went off without a hitch with the final semi-trailer rolling through Sydney’s Inner West at 4am today.

Ausgrid safety crews were on hand to ensure the load could pass safely under overhead powerlines.

The new substation is part of a wider program of investment to plan for future needs of the electricity network and will begin supplying homes and businesses by mid-2020.