Tritium wins $10m EV fast charging network contract

The NRMA has announced it has selected Australian EV charging specialists Tritium as the supplier of electric vehicle chargers for its $10 million network rollout.

Announced in October 2017, NRMA’s Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network will ensure that 95 per cent of EV journeys will be within 150km of a fast charge across NSW and ACT.

The network will be Australia’s largest and is being delivered in partnership with local communities including local councils, small businesses and landowners.

“Until now, electric vehicles have only been practical for short urban journeys, driving only within charging range of their garages or the small number of public fast chargers,” NRMA group chief executive officer Rohan Lund said.

“Our vision is to open up the great destinations NSW and the ACT has to offer electric vehicle drivers, without the worry of running out of a charge on their trip.”

The NRMA fast charger will see at least 40 publicly-accessible sites, with the costs of charging included in NRMA Membership.

Tritium’s Veefil-RT 50kW fast chargers ensure drivers can fully charge their vehicle to 80 per cent within 30 minutes on average for any EV with a CHAdeMO or CCS2 socket.

Chargers will accommodate most makes and models of EVs available in Australia.

Tritium, founded in Brisbane, is a world-leader in fast-charging station technology with deployments in the United States and Europe, and in Australia is the leading supplier of chargers for Queensland’s EV super-highway.

“It’s through forward-thinking leadership from organisations such as the NRMA that Australia will make its mark on the electric vehicle driving space,” Tritium head of sales Chris Hewitt said.

“They are breaking down a major barrier to EV adoption in Australia – the availability of chargers.”

The $10 million community investment from the NRMA forms part of the Group’s social dividend investment strategy returning benefits to Members and the community.