TransGrid to develop new businesses in shifting market

Newly privatised New South Wales power grid owner TransGrid will explore a range of business opportunities in telecommunications, renewable energy connections and maintenance services.

Chief executive Paul Italiano outlined a dynamic future for the transmission company, sold by the NSW government under a 99-year lease for $10.3 billion, that is intended to ensure the network increases its relevance to consumers even as they turn to renewable energy and self-generation.

“If we are not changing, if we are not adapting, if we are not innovating, we will die like dinosaurs,” Mr Italiano said, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We have to stop looking backwards at the role that the networks played; we have to start looking forward.”

TransGrid connects high speed telecoms to Victoria

TransGrid Telecommunications has completed the first phase of its telecommunications networks expansion through Victoria into Melbourne. This extension now complements its existing independent inter-capital and regional routes from New South Wales and the ACT into Victoria.

Announcing its first Melbourne based customer, newly appointed head of TransGrid Telecommunications Errol Shaw said the connection into Melbourne provides carrier grade services on unique and independent infrastructure.
The network’s backhaul services are deployed using a 40 x 100G DWDM system on an independent path to the existing long haul fibre networks. With the fifth largest optic fibre network in Australia, the majority of this network is Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) strung above a secure and reliable electricity system.
“We recognise the critical nature of the services we are providing to our customers and our unique OPGW based, robust network seamlessly supports this level of service,” Mr Shaw said.
“This recent expansion means businesses in Victoria can now benefit from one of the largest and most secure telecommunications networks in the country.
“We’re proud to announce our first customer, BigAir Group Limited, is now connected from NSW and the ACT into NEXTDC’s M1 data centre in Port Melbourne.”
TransGrid Telecommunications backhaul services are now available in NSW, ACT and VIC.