Transgrid releases System Security Roadmap for transition

Transgrid CEO Brett Redman wearing high-vis workwear and hardhat on a project site (system security roadmap)
Transgrid CEO Brett Redman

Network operator Transgrid has released its System Security Roadmap, a comprehensive plan revealing the unprecedented challenges and the $16.5 billion investment required to keep the lights on and achieve NSW’s rapid transformation to a cleaner, cheaper energy future.

The System Security Roadmap outlines the NSW Transmission Network Service Provider’s detailed plan to grow the state’s power system and ensure the secure operation of the grid at up to 100% instantaneous renewables over the next decade.

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Transgrid is undertaking a major program of works across three critical pillars to build and operate a safe, reliable and low emissions power system:

  • Energy Reliability: investing $14 billion to build a 2,500km energy superhighway of essential transmission lines and infrastructure to connect new large-scale renewable energy and storage to the grid, integrate five renewable energy zones, and expand transmission interconnection between regions and states;
  • System Security: deploy an estimated $2.2 billion in new system-strength technologies and services to maintain the secure operating envelope of the grid without the operation of coal generation; and
  • Operability: a step-change in analytical and operational capabilities and capacity, to operate an increasingly complex power system, with a $300 million investment to strengthen Transgrid’s technology tools, workforce and training.

Transgrid CEO Brett Redman said, “Modernising the energy grid to bring energy prices down requires us to build enormous amounts of new transmission to connect renewable generation in record time.

“The only way to bring energy prices down is to deliver cheaper renewable energy as soon as possible. Transgrid must build and operate the backbone of this new grid while ensuring the safety, reliability and security of our existing 13,000km transmission system which powers millions of homes and businesses.

“With over 80% of coal-fired capacity in NSW expected to retire and 28GW of new renewable and storage capacity coming online in the next 10 years, we must urgently accelerate the investment in all areas of the energy transition.”

Redman said Transgrid is accelerating delivery of the new energy superhighway with nation-critical projects including EnergyConnect, HumeLink and VNI West vital to facilitate Australia’s clean energy transformation.

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“There will be no transition without transmission. However, the enormity of the task and the challenges we face must not be understated. We must embrace innovation, invest in technology, develop a larger and more skilled workforce, and strengthen our capabilities, if we are to achieve a rapid transition to a low emissions energy system providing clean, affordable and reliable electricity to Australians,” Redman said.

The System Security Roadmap is available here.

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