TransGrid congratulates CWP Renewables

TransGrid has congratulated CWP Renewables on its win in the ACT government’s wind energy auction. CWP Renewables Sapphire Wind Farm is one of three renewable energy in the Glenn Innes where TransGrid proposes to build a renewable energy hub, including an innovative grid connection solution which allows multiple proponents to share connection costs.

TransGrid executive general manager Tony Meehan said the win delivers certainty to the Sapphire Wind Farm development in Glenn Innes NSW, bringing highly skilled jobs to the region.

“We look forward to working with CWP and other large-scale renewable energy generators to deliver timely and cost effective grid connection – ultimately driving down the cost of clean energy for consumers,” he said.

TransGrid supports the renewable energy industry through the delivery of efficient connection and infrastructure solutions. This support includes advocacy and participation through membership of the Clean Energy Council.

Renewable Energy Hub to unlock investment and jobs across regional NSW

The Renewable Energy Hub concept is an initiative driven by TransGrid to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of multiple, staggered grid connections shared across multiple proponents.

Renewable Energy Hubs will allow large scale renewable energy generators to cluster in suitable regions, where currently network access is constrained.

By sharing infrastructure costs related to network connections, a hub concept provides more secure access while lowering the levelised cost of energy for renewable generators.

“We know from our consultation with the large scale renewable energy industry that first mover disadvantage and cost-efficient access to renewable resources are primary concerns when deciding if and where to invest.”

“This concept provides a solution unlocking investment and jobs across regional NSW,” said Mr Meehan

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