Tindo Solar helps Tesla expansion into Victoria

tesla solar and battery (Tindo)
The Tesla Powerwall (Image: Tesla)

Tindo Solar has continued its support of the Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) as the service expands from South Australia into Victoria. 

Under the Tesla Energy Plan homes with solar and Powerwall are connected to the Tesla Virtual Power Plant to power the home while also supporting the grid with clean renewable energy when needed. It’s known as Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and is considered one way to reduce the volatility in utility grids caused by intermittent renewables. 

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Connecting Powerwall allows households with solar PV and Powerwall to participate in the wholesale energy and frequency control markets. It results in better stability for the grid, more efficient management of battery storage and discharge, and offers competitive energy tariffs for those participating in the Tesla Virtual Power Plant. 

Tindo Solar chief executive officer Shayne Jaenisch said the Tesla Energy Plan was a crucial initiative designed to make rooftop solar systems contributors to grid stability as well as saving money on power bills. 

“The Tesla Energy Plan allows high penetration of solar PV-battery into the utility grids, in a way that the NEM operators can use surplus power and storage capacity for stability actions,” he said.

“When you have thousands of solar PV-battery systems connected to the grid independently, it can cause volatility which is hard to manage—Tesla’s VPP resolves a lot of those issues and Tindo Solar is pleased to be partnering the initiative with our panels.” 

Jaenisch said the Australian renewable market was maturing so that homeowners were starting to see their solar PV systems as more than just stand-alone units that supply power to one building. He said Tindo Solar recently celebrated its largest-ever open day with an event that showcased Tesla Powerwall batteries.

“The solar market is evolving from the novelty of solar energy and turning towards battery storage and high-quality technology. The customers are interested in energy independence,” Jaenisch said. 

Tindo Solar holds a Premium Certified Installer position with Tesla Powerwall, putting Tindo in the rarefied 5 per cent of global Powerwall installers with ‘Premium’ status. Tindo Solar is also the largest installer of household solar/battery systems in South Australia and 95 per cent of the batteries it installs are Powerwall.

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Since 2017, Tindo Solar has installed more than 800 Powerwalls, which it does alongside Tindo Solar panels, which have consistently topped the Choice and Australian Desert Knowledge Centre rankings.  

“Australians are practical about energy,” Jaenisch said.

“They want to do their bit for the climate, but they want reliability and performance. Tindo Solar panels are custom-made for our harsh climate and the Powerwall is the best battery for our unique conditions.”