Tindo acts to address solar panel shortage

Tindo Solar Karra 330P panel (shortage)
Tindo Solar Karra 330P panel (Image: Tindo Solar)

Australia’s only manufacturer of solar modules, Tindo Solar, has moved to address the shortage of panels in the Australian installation industry as imports from China slow down.

The Adelaide-based company has been holding on to solar panels in order to supply its main partners but, as of this week, has started releasing 1,000 solar panels into the wholesale networks to help installation companies who are facing the prospect of cancelling their pre-Christmas instals because they can’t access panels from China. 

Australia currently has significant momentum with its solar energy take-up, having passed the milestone of solar on three million roof tops, making Australia the highest user of solar per-capita in the world. 

However, a combination of COVID-affected supply chains, the Chinese shift in energy policy and escalating sea-freight costs meant there was shortage availability of solar panels for Australian installers, said Tindo Solar CEO Shayne Jaenisch.  

“We’ve been fielding calls for more than a month, with solar installation companies desperate for panels,” Jaenisch said.

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“Not only are they faced with not enough panels to fulfil their installations, but the panels they can buy are 30 to 50 per cent more expensive than they were mid-year.” 

Jaenisch said installers are being warned by the wholesale panel suppliers that the current conditions will get worse and by January or February it was possible that no solar panels would be coming into Australia. 

“Because we’re Australia’s only manufacturer, the industry is turning to us for stock. To assist with the overwhelming number of inquiries we have decided to release small amounts of stock to help alleviate the current market shortage.” 

He said Tindo was releasing 30 pallets with 33 panels per pallet of the company’s Karra330P modules, with the company already looking at a further release of 500 panels, given the demand. 

Jaenisch said Tindo Solar was in the process of commissioning its new factory in Adelaide, which will employ 60 people and have almost three-times the output of the old factory.