Tesla Motors ramps up Supercharger network

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors ramps up Supercharger network

Tesla Motors Inc has protected its presence in Australia, rolling out “destination charging” stations in major regional centres.

Distributed along the east coast, connecting the dots between Melbourne and Sydney with a supercharger in Canberra, and covering north up to the Port Macquarie and Hunter Valley, the network is a replication of the US model.

“Along with the developing supercharger network, our owners will be able to cover long distances with the knowledge they have a charging solution,” Tesla Australia spokesperson Heath Walker said.

Port Macquarie is considered to be a key location for Tesla, which is also joining hands with a public vehicle park company, Secure Parking, to unveil the stations in central Brisbane. More stations will be launched at Secure Parking locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

“The High Power Wall Units set up at the Destination Charging stations are like those offered to Model S owners for home installation, which provides up to 30A of power for charging Tesla’s premium electronic vehicle,” Mr Walker said, as reported by Business Finance News.

“However, the supercharging stations are a better option for the Model S drivers in terms of fast charging, as it provides as much as 120kW of power and fully-charges the vehicle in 30 minutes for a 270km range.

“In 2015 we’ll look at rolling out a supercharger network connecting Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. And then in 2016, we’ll connect all major cities on the east coast. So it’s fair to say we’re not mucking about.”

Australia has become a key market for Tesla, both for its electronic vehicle and energy storage businesses. It is rapidly expanding its infrastructure and seeking to take advantage of growing demand for innovative products in the country, as reported by Business Finance News. Renew Economy reported Tesla’s new energy storage products – Powerwall and Powerpack – have already started affecting the prices in the Australian energy storage market.