Tesla expands virtual power plant to new regions

tesla solar and battery (tesla electricity)
The Tesla Powerwall (Image: Tesla)

Tesla will expand its virtual power plant (VPP) to New South Wales, South East Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory with its Tesla Energy Plan, according to Teslerati.

As part of its energy plan, Tesla is inviting homeowners to participate in the Australian VPP by highlighting the system’s benefits. 

“Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant allows you to maximise your energy savings through flexible Time-of-Use rates. By monitoring and managing your Powerwall, our technology helps ensure your home is powered by the most cost-effective energy source. This helps to reduce your energy bill while increasing access to cleaner renewable energy throughout your community,” Tesla wrote. 

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Tesla says homeowners who sign up for the Tesla Energy Plan should not worry about their Powerwall batteries being compromised, guaranteeing a minimum 20 per cent backup reserve during grid outages. The Tesla Energy Plan also limits the number of Powerwall discharge cycles to the grid to just about 50 per year. 

Tesla Energy launched its Tesla Energy Plan in South Australia in 2019 for Powerwall 2 owners, followed by a price cut to encourage uptake.

To qualify for the Tesla Energy Plan, homeowners must have a Powerwall battery. They must also have an internet connection and an installed smart meter. A solar system of less than 15kW per Powerfull is also advised. 

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