Telstra opens registrations for green energy retail business

Telstra sign mounted above retail store
Image: Shutterstock

Telstra has opened registrations for its new Telstra Energy business, which will be retailing electricity and gas to Australian customers.

“Just like other energy retailers, with Telstra Energy you’ll still receive a mix of fossil fuels and renewable energy to power your home. What sets us apart is our investments in renewable energy projects to feed more clean energy into the electricity grid,” the company’s website states.

“We’ve committed around $900 million to solar parks and wind farms since 2017 (we’re still going) and our current portfolio generates enough renewable energy to displace the coal-fired power consumption of about 150,000 homes. And we’ll continue to boost our investments in renewables and energy storage as Telstra Energy grows.

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“More renewables and energy storage in the Australian electricity grid means less reliance on coal-fired power.”

The telco also promises customers they’ll always be on the best plan available for them, that energy customers will accumulate Telstra Plus points, and that customers will have energy consumption management tools in the MyTelstra app.

The Electricity Shifting Challenge and Clean Energy Tracker allows customers to increase the amount of renewable energy they are using by shifting the time at which you draw power from the grid.

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