TasNetworks public education campaign to put customers in the picture

Tasmanian electricity customers will be the targets of a new campaign to explain changes to the state’s power industry, including the role of the new electricity network company TasNetworks.

The campaign – which has already kicked-off with with television advertisements – is designed to build recognition of the TasNetworks brand. Importantly, it also aims to familiarise customers with the role of the new company, which was formed from the merger of Transend Networks and Aurora’s electricity distribution functions.

TasNetworks chief executive officer Lance Balcombe said the campaign was required to minimise confusion over who was responsible for what in the electricity supply chain after July 1.

“We want customers to understand who to call if their power goes out and to recognise the logos on our employees’ uniforms when they come to read their meters,” he said.

“The campaign will help to distinguish TasNetworks’ role from that of Aurora Energy, which will continue as an electricity retailer in a fully competitive market from July 1 this year.”

Mr Balcombe said the company will use free or low-cost community channels to augment the paid campaign, so that customers are aware of TasNetworks’ responsibilities in the reformed electricity industry.

“We will be a business that puts customers first with a strong commitment to service and value, so we stand by our mission of delivering your power,” he said.

The TasNetworks logo was developed locally by Clemenger Tasmania and the creative design is based on that of a sine wave, which evokes the company’s key functions of electricity transmission and distribution and telecommunications.

The campaign messages will be communicated via television, online and direct mail channels, as well as through materials distributed through Service Tasmania outlets, community houses and other stakeholder groups.

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