TasNetworks organisational structure a key reform milestone

The release of the organisational structure by TasNetworks is an important milestone in the reform of Tasmania’s electricity sector, Tasmanian Networks chief executive officer Lance Balcombe said.

Mr Balcombe said the release of the structure would also end a period of uncertainty for employees of state-owned companies Aurora Energy and Transend Networks.

Transend and Aurora’s electricity and telecommunications networks are being merged to create TasNetworks from July 1.

“The structure confirms 211 vacancies still to be filled at TasNetworks, with 777 employees having already been directly transferred to the company from Aurora and Transend,” he said.

“While there will be 169 fewer roles in TasNetworks than there are currently at Aurora and Transend, many of these roles are filled by fixed term employees and contractors. Permanent employees will have priority to fill the vacancies.”

According to Mr Balcombe, the announcement presents an exciting opportunity for the employees to be part of the new TasNetworks business.

“The merger of these two businesses has had an inevitable human impact and I have been impressed by the professionalism with which employees of both organisations have co-operated.”

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