Tasmania: Treasurer won’t reveal power costs

Upwards view of transmission tower against sunrise (AER)
Image: Shutterstock

Tasmania’s Treasurer Peter Gutwein is being given a weekly update on the running cost of the energy crisis, but will not reveal what it is.

Record low Hydro dams and the defective Basslink undersea power cable have forced the state to rely on more than 100 diesel generators to supplement Hydro output.

It is an expensive exercise, and the Treasurer says he is receiving weekly cost updates from Hydro Tasmania.

“Hydro are fully aware of what it costs and are updating the Government on a weekly basis,” he told ABC News.

“I’m not prepared to provide you with that information at this point in time.”

The State Government has said the diesel generators cost $44 million to lease and $11 million per 100MW of generation per month.

Regardless of the final cost, state-owned power company Hydro Tasmania will pick up the bill.


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