Tasmania asks for help as power crisis deepens

Transmission towers against sunny blue sky (net zero)

The Tasmanian Government has asked for government support to pay for a second undersea power cable across Bass Strait.

With levels at some hydro dams now at record lows or around 12 per cent, the first of around 200 diesel generators are being switched on around Tasmania to alleviate the power shortage.

In State Parliament, energy minister Matthew Groom said Government was committed to pursuing a second Basslink cable, “but it must be recognised as national infrastructure, and Tasmania must not be left to foot the bill.”

Mr Groom has now formed a task force on energy security and has flagged an expansion of gas generation at the Tamar Valley Power Station.

The crisis has also galvanised proponents of more renewable energy, with a lobby group in Burnie pushing for a new wind farm on Robbins Island.

With the Basslink outage now tipped to last until into June, the cable’s Singapore-based owner said it has found the likely site of the damage at a site around 98km from Tasmania.

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