Sydney generates support for renewable energy plans

The City of Sydney’s plans to source all its power, heating and cooling from renewable energy by 2030 showed how local councils can take a lead role in driving clean energy, according to the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

CEC chief executive David Green congratulated the council for its comprehensive approach in providing cleaner sources of power for residents and retrofitting buildings to use energy more efficiently.

“The City of Sydney has been a pioneer in championing the increased use of cleaner forms of energy such as solar, wind, bioenergy and tri-generation – a very efficient technology that produces power, heating and cooling from the one power source,” Mr Green said.

“Tri-generation is an excellent technology which is typically at least twice as efficient as conventional energy generation. While the council has said today that its planned tri-generation plant at Green Square was no longer viable, it is still planning to install the technology at other locations such
as the town hall and the Queen
Victoria Building.”

While the CEC acknowledged there are short-term regulatory challenges associated with tri-generation technologies, it publicly supported the City of Sydney’s campaign for better recognition of precinct-based tri-generation as a source of low-carbon electricity.

“The many steps the council is taking will provide an extremely useful template for other local councils considering some of these options,” Mr Green said.

“Local councils are the best equipped of all levels of government to deliver services that directly reflect the wants and needs of the population. Councils such as the City of Sydney are helping harness the enthusiasm of their residents to do things differently.”

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