Switzerland drafts emergency EV rules amid electricity crisis

Close-up view of electric vehicle charging (calculator EV)
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Emergency electric vehicles (EV) restrictions could be implemented in Switzerland as part of electricity-saving measures under consideration to combat potential energy shortages during winter.

Switzerland is considering imposing limits on the use of EVs during electricity shortages stemming largely from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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According to Drive, Switzerland’s proposed EV restrictions form part of a staged austerity package that includes reducing the temperature of washing machines, banning the use of leaf blowers and seat heaters on ski lifts, and slowing video streaming to standard definition.

The proposed restrictions are only at the draft stage and the EV limits are only included in the level-three package for the most extreme power saving measures.

According to the Spiegel Mobility Report, the government paper on conserving electricity highlights restricted private use of EV and a potential lowering of speed limits in Switzerland.

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“The private use of electric cars is only permitted for absolutely necessary journeys (e.g. professional practice, shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, attending court appointments),” the draft paper said.

Germany and Spain have developed similar proposals to conserve electricity. The German plan is being trialled for six months and includes restrictions on heating of swimming pools and recommendation that heating in buildings is set at 19 degrees Celsius.

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