SwitchDin secures $5 million in capital from Q CELLS

Solar panels against the cloudy sky (regional)

SwitchDin, an Australian distributed energy management software company, has secured a A$5 million investment from Q CELLS, a renowned total energy solutions provider in solar cells and modules, energy storage, downstream project business and energy retail.

The funding will accelerate the development of SwitchDin’s technology and business in Australia and Europe and broadens opportunities for collaboration on projects between utilities and manufacturers.

This is the first Australian energy software company in which Q CELLS has invested, and the investment furthers Q CELLS’ ambition towards becoming a leading total energy solutions provider.

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SwitchDin is paving the way for a grid led by renewables to help solve one of the greatest roadblocks faced by the energy system–visibility and control of distributed energy resources (DERs). It brings rich data, intelligence and real-time control capabilities to DERs, bridging the gap between traditional energy utilities, manufacturers and energy end-users. SwitchDin’s technology enables end-user friendly virtual power plants, microgrids and advanced network services incorporating many different types of DERs.

SwitchDin CEO Dr Andrew Mears said the clean energy system is rapidly changing globally.

“Network operators and energy retailers are looking to partner with companies like SwitchDin to improve energy management and better orchestrate the growth of distributed energy resources and improve end-user participation,” he said.

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“SwitchDin is delighted to be collaborating with Q CELLS to deliver intelligent solar power in Australia and around the world. This partnership aligns with both of the companies’ growth ambitions across key markets. Q CELLS’ investment will accelerate SwitchDin’s ability to deliver real innovation to the market”.

Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim, CEO of Q CELLS, said, “Q CELLS is committed to quality, reliability and being a leader in the solar industry. Australia has been at the forefront of developing the DER market backed by a long history of organic solar growth. Our investment in SwitchDin reflects our ambition to deliver a total clean energy solution together with a partner that has a proven track record which we believe will bring confidence to our customers.” 

SwitchDin’s solar and battery vendor-agnostic platform supports product integrations with most manufacturers and integrators, including Eguana Technologies, Fronius, GoodWe, Q CELLS, RedEarth Energy Storage, Redflow, Selectronic, SMA, Soltaro, sonnen, Sungrow, VARTA Storage and Victron Energy.

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