Swedes spruik ‘best-in-class’ 160Wh/kg sodium-ion battery

Fine blue powder is poured into a lab container (sodium-ion)
Patented cathode material, Altris Prussian White

Swedish sodium-ion battery developer Altris says its sodium-ion battery cell has been validated for a best-in-class energy density of over 160Wh/kg.

The achievement marks an important milestone for Altris, which is now working to scale up the giga-manufacturing of its patented cathode material, Altris Prussian White.

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Altris says its commercial-sized sodium-ion battery cell has been developed through a research partnership with Northvolt, a Swedish supplier of high-quality battery cells, which intends to use sodium-ion technology as a foundation for its next-generation energy storage solutions in upcoming markets.

Altris CEO Björn Mårlid said, “At Altris, we want to bring the world better, safer and truly sustainable batteries. Thanks to our amazing team and our strong collaboration with Northvolt, we continue to deliver state-of-the-art sodium-ion battery technology. By reaching an energy density that meets market demand, we have delivered on our roadmap. Now, we have our eyes set on achieving 200Wh/kg and beyond, while keeping our chemistry pure and sustainable.

Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson said, “The world has put high hopes on sodium-ion, and I’m very pleased to say that we’ve developed a technology that that will enable its widespread deployment to accelerate the energy transition. It’s an important milestone for Northvolt’s market proposition, but battery technology like this is also crucial to reach global sustainability goals, by making electrification more cost-efficient, sustainable and accessible worldwide.”

The 160Wh/kg battery cell is the latest of several important milestones for Altris. During the spring, the company secured €4.8 million in bridge financing and geared up its management with Björn Mårlid as CEO and Christer Bergquist as CFO and deputy CEO.

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In June, the company presented a pure Prussian White cathode material with a capacity of 160mAh/g, which is the highest capacity declared to date in a Prussian White cathode material made solely from abundant raw materials.

To take further steps on its commercialisation journey, Altris is currently in the process of raising series B financing to scale up giga-manufacturing of its patented cathode material, Altris Prussian White.

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