Sungrow to supply inverter and battery for Ginan Solar

Officials at the Ginan Solar Project signing ceremony (sungrow)
Ginan Solar Project signing ceremony

Sungrow, a leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed a 79MW PV inverter and 176MWh BESS contract with LAVO, an Australian technology and lifestyle company, for the stage one of the Ginan Solar Project.

Sungrow will provide its latest Liquid-Cooled ESS to build the DC Coupled Energy Storage System. This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. Upon completion, these solar farm owners will not only be self-sufficient in clean electricity but earn higher ROI through peak valley arbitrage.

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Recently, the complex international landscape has strained the supply of traditional energy sources, thus, lifting Australia’s electricity bills. Besides, being driven by a mature electricity trading system, Australian users also want to install energy storage systems to gain more profits from the peak-valley price difference.

The Ginan Solar Project is such an initiative to provide PV plus BESS solution for the 16 solar farms in Victoria, Australia.

Specifically, Sungrow ‘s DC-Coupled Storage Solution with the PowerTitan (Liquid-Cooled ESS) as the core device, requires only one inverter to complete the project, reduces the efficiency losses and thus significantly lowers the CAPEX for customers. This solution also enables customers to store surplus electricity into the battery and use it when the electricity price is higher or trade it for more returns.

As a result, they can maximise their profits through the peak load shaving mechanism. Worth mentioning, Sungrow’s Liquid-Cooled ESS also makes these solar projects safer and more stable, with its intelligent liquid-cooled control, AI monitoring for battery cells and advanced energy balancing management. 

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LAVO CEO Alan Yu expressed, “Sungrow is the only supplier who can provide a DC-coupled storage solution in Australia, which is an unparalleled advantage we appreciate. Its high-quality storage solution also satisfies us well. Currently, Australiais seeing more utility-scale BESS projects under construction. We wish to expand our cooperation with Sungrow to supply more renewable energy projects”.

Sungrow APAC general manager Shawn Shi said, “Sungrow has been exploring Australia’s utility-scale PV and ESS market for years and our dedicated efforts translate into unprecedented cooperation. Sungrow highly values our partnership with LAVO, and will provide the high-quality solutions and comprehensive services to ensure quick and smooth delivery.”

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