Standards Australia will not ban lithium-ion battery storage in homes

Standards Australia has released a statement quashing rumours it would ban the introduction of on-site lithium-ion battery storage in Australian homes.

Several news outlets reported this week lithium-ion battery storage devices – including Tesla Powerwalls – may be banned from being installed inside homes under new guidelines being drafted by Standards Australia.

Standards Australia confirmed in its statement it is working with stakeholders to develop a new draft Australian Standard AS/NZS 5139, Electrical Installations – Safety of battery systems for use in inverter energy systems that will enable the safe installation of battery energy storage systems.

It is proposed that the draft document will contain provisions for installation requirements for all battery systems connected to inverter energy systems, covering all battery types; mitigating hazards associated with battery energy storage system installations; and classifying batteries based on hazards, and not chemistry type.

Following preparation of the draft, it will be released for a nine-week period of public comment. Public comment is scheduled for April 2017.

“Further speculation of a ‘ban on on-site storage’ by Standards Australia would be inaccurate and misleading,” the statement said.