Sparkie develops Australia’s first portable EV charger

Aussie electrician Joel Wille stands in front of electric vehicle (portable EV charger)
Joel Wille, developer of EJerry, Australia's first portable EV charger

An Aussie sparkie has developed Australia’s first portable EV charger, putting an end to the notion of range anxiety among EV owners.

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Joel Wille is an owner of a commercial solar panel installation company and a seasoned electrician. Motivated to address the “range anxiety” experienced by Australian EV owners, Joel embarked on a mission to create a viable solution.

Taking the idea of a jerry can, which is commonly used to carry spare fuel on road trips for petrol or diesel cars, he contemplated a similar solution for electric vehicles—a portable EV charger that could meet the energy needs of drivers while on the go.

Wille’s market research revealed a gap—existing portable power stations in the Australian market lacked integrated EV charging capability. This discovery led him to develop EJerry, Australia’s first portable EV charger.

“We have plenty of portable power stations available, but none currently offer the crucial feature of integrated EV charging capability. That’s precisely why I’m focused on developing a device that combines this essential EV charging function with both portability and high capacity,” Wille explained.

The vision for EJerry goes beyond merely serving as an EV charger. Wille envisions it as a versatile, multi-functional device that caters to various energy needs. After rigorous prototyping with the manufacturer, EJerry debuted in the Australian market in 2023.

Compact and lightweight at just under 18kg, EJerry is a robust and portable energy station boasting a significant capacity of 2218Wh (50.4V). Equipped with 10 output ports, it’s designed to accommodate a variety of uses, from charging EVs to powering essential gadgets like smartphones and laptops, as well as portable cooking devices.

The versatility makes it an invaluable tool not just for EV owners, but also for small businesses in outdoor environments, remote workers, camping enthusiasts, construction sites, and individuals living off the grid.

With its capacity and high output capibilities, a fully charged EJerry can extend the range of an EV by an additional 20km, enabling drivers to reach the next EV charging station, or recharge a laptop 26 times, a smartphone 133 times, or run a fridge for 13 hours.

“My goal is to provide every Australian EV owners with a convenient, cost-effective, and on-the-go power solution,” Wille says.

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He’s also integrated solar charging compatibility into EJerry. Drawing from his extensive experience in the solar industry, Joel introduced the first accessory for EJerry—a foldable and portable solar panel with a maximum solar input of 600W. The portable solar panel can recharge EJerry in just five hours.

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