SolarEdge launches integrated EV charging solar inverter


Motorists will soon be able to charge their electric vehicles up to four times faster with the Australian release of the world’s first two-in-one solar inverter and EV charger.

SolarEdge will showcase its integrated EV charging solar inverter at the All Energy Australia conference in Melbourne, October 23-24.

The innovative design of the EV charging solar inverter enables faster charging through its solar boost mode, which allows simultaneous charging from grid and solar power.

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SolarEdge Australia general manager Gavin Merchant said the two-in-one EV charger and solar inverter had the potential to advance the growing EV market, offering superior convenience, grid independence and cost benefits.


“Embedding an EV charger in our solar inverter gives owners flexibility in how they charge their EVs and how fast they do it. Having the solar boost mode option offers huge peace of mind and convenience because you can effectively quarter typical charging times,” Mr Merchant said.

Charging using the solar-only option also had the added benefit of giving users more energy independence, enabling them to reduce power bills and their carbon footprints, he said.

The two-in-one charger and inverter is compatible with multiple EVs and integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, allowing users to control and track charging status and set charging schedules to take advantage of off-peak rates, all at the touch of their smart device.

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Mr Merchant said SolarEdge’s market-leading technology could help to accelerate EV ownership in Australia.

“With industry analysts expecting more new EVs to be sold globally than petrol and diesel cars in the next five to 10 years, we are heading towards a tipping point. As a result, our largest energy use in the home is going to be for EV charging. Being able to use our EV charging solar inverter to power your car from solar gives consumers a more economic and greener option,” he said.  

The EV charging solar inverter is expected to be available in Australia by the end of 2019. The solution is also available as an EV-ready option for future EV purchases for PV system owners.