Solar boom in Western Australia

Despite the withdrawal of government subsidies, Perth is experiencing record levels of rooftop solar installations.

The rate of solar uptake in Perth and the state’s south-west, is achieving levels of installations four times the number witnessed during the solar boom of 2010, as reported by Energy Business News.

Around 2500 customers of Western Australia’s state-owned electricity retailer Synergy are reportedly installing solar each month. More than 10 per cent of Synergy’s 112,000 customers now have residential solar systems. In 2008, only 1000 customers had solar installed.

Mandurah, the second largest city in WA, was named Australia’s top solar suburb by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).
The suburb is home to 6503 solar rooftop systems.

Perth suburb, Canning Vale entered the CEC’s list at number eight with 4117 solar installations, and Perth’s suburb of Hocking is ninth on the council’s solar suburbs list with 4091 installations, as reported by Energy Business News.

In the rest of Australia, Queensland suburbs also achieved record levels of rooftop solar including more than 6467 installations in the suburb of Avoca and 5601 in Caloundra.

The number of Australian homes with solar power systems has passed the one million mark in March.

CEC chief executive David Green said this meant approximately 2.5 million Australians now lived in a home with a set of solar panels on the roof – more than the entire population of Western Australia.

“It is remarkable when you think that just five years ago in 2008 there were only about 20,000 systems installed across the entire country,” Mr Green said.

“For some years solar has been most enthusiastically embraced by those in mortgage-belt suburbs, retirement areas and regional parts of the country. People from all walks of life have been installing solar as a way of protecting themselves from power price pain over the long term.”

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