Six-turbine wind farm generating power for Canberra

Coonooer Bridge wind farm in Victoria has become the first operational wind farm from the Australian Capital Territory’s wind auction process.

The six-turbine, 20MW wind farm is developed and owned in part by Windlab, and is now exporting the output from 6MW. It’s expected to become fully operational this month.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Simon Corbell said the power produced at Coonooer Bridge was the cheapest wind energy in Australia.

According to information on Windlab’s website, the wind farm will receive a tariff from the ACT of $81.50 per MWh. It will be fixed for 20 years, without indexing for inflation which, according to some estimates, means a current price of around $65 per MWh.

The facility will be providing power to 11,250 Canberra homes and is part of ACT government’s commitment to 90 per cent renewable energy for the ACT. Currently there are three other wind farms under development which will supply power to Canberra homes.