Siemens’ partner APS opens Adelaide manufacturing facility

David Hegarty, Managing Director, APS Industrial and Peter Halliday, CEO, Siemens Australia wearing high-vis vests and exploring the new manufacturing facility
David Hegarty, Managing Director, APS Industrial and Peter Halliday, CEO, Siemens Australia

Siemens and its national distribution partner APS Industrial have announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Adelaide.

The new facility will manufacture and assemble a range of critical technology, including Siemens’ air circuit breakers (ACBs), and inject over 150 technology jobs into the local industry over the next 10 years.

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Local Australian manufacturing will also help reduce current ACBs product availability lead times by as much as 50% and increase the footprint of locally manufactured systems.

Speaking at the announcement, Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO Peter Halliday said, “This is the first time in the world that these Siemens products will be assembled and certified outside of a Siemens factory, giving the same quality assurances. This demonstrates the trust and ability of our national distribution partner APS Industrial. APS will adapt and assemble Siemens ACBs and peripheral equipment right here in Adelaide, which is good for jobs, good for industry and good for the economy.”

The ACBs are a critical component of energy transition across industries, helping provide safe power supply, protecting valuable equipment at manufacturing sites, built environments, mine sites, commercial buildings and any other infrastructure requiring a safe and secure source of electricity.

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South Australian Deputy Premier Dr Susan Close welcomed the local investment saying, “Siemens and South Australia share a long history that goes back over 150 years. As South Australia continues to grow, we need like-minded partners like Siemens and APS that help build our sovereign capability and protect critical infrastructure and industry.”

Located in Clarence Gardens, the facility will enable APS to accelerate the delivery of ACBs to switchboard builders and electrical contractors who install and serve the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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