Siemens boosts energy efficiency network

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), Australia’s peak body for energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management, has announced a number of leading businesses have joined its ranks.

Leading the way at the top membership tier is new sponsor, Siemens, which now sits alongside AGL, Honeywell, Philips, Schneider Electric and Veolia.

EEC chief executive officer Luke Menzel said Siemens already has a strong energy efficiency model in place, and will now work collaboratively with industry and policy makers to drive the industry forward.

Siemens executive general manager Stefan Schwab said the partnership will help grow the market for energy efficiency services in Australia.

“There are huge opportunities in commercial, industrial and government efficiency, and our collaboration with the EEC is a core part of our strategy to unlock that potential,” he said.

“The world is moving towards what we call intelligent infrastructure whereby our buildings, transport and energy systems have the latest technology integrated because ultimately it’s about sustainability and competition. The more efficient we can make our infrastructure, the more sustainable it is and that means it makes good economic and environmental sense.”

Membership of the EEC is open to organisations that provide energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management services and products, and to governments and their agencies, NGOs or academic institutions with a proactive interest in energy efficiency.