Ergon urges customers to shut down solar systems for cyclone safety

Ergon Energy has urged customers with solar PV to shut down their systems ahead of Tropical Cyclone Debbie hitting the north Queensland Coast

Customer delivery manager Mark Biffanti said cyclones can potentially impact solar PV systems and it is crucial that customers take steps to ensure their own safety and consider the safety of emergency crews.

“If you are unsure of the shutdown procedure, contact the manufacturer or installer,” Mr Biffanti said.

“Even though grid-connected solar PV systems cannot supply the home when the network is not operational, they can continue to generate direct current (DC) power.

“It is critical to remember that solar panels and their cables should always be treated as if they are live.

“Customers should not attempt to reconnect solar PV systems after severe storms or roof damage, as their roof may be electrified.”

During network repairs or maintenance, customers with solar PV systems may be required to shut them down at the inverter if Ergon Energy uses generators to supply temporary power while crews work on the poles and wires.