ShineHub partners with Amp X in Australia

ShineHub co-founders Alex Georgiou and Jin Kim holding a large solar panel (amp x)
ShineHub co-founders Alex Georgiou and Jin Kim

Australian solar technology company ShineHub has teamed with global digital energy platform provider Amp X to provide large- and small-scale solutions to the acute energy challenges faced across the country.

ShineHub Founder Alex Georgiou said the partnership had been formed to meet the increasing needs of industry for more efficient, reliable and scalable energy solutions along the transition journey to net zero.

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“By combining the capabilities of ShineHub and Amp X, we can provide innovative digital energy solutions through a whole-of-system approach, including a virtual power plant platform to serve the needs and solve the challenges of the Australian energy market, from utilities to residential customers and everyone in between,” Georgiou said.

“And by structuring asset financing through a Pay-As-You-Go model, virtual power plant solutions are not only highly effective and stable, but also affordable.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring together the proven small-scale battery and customer software strengths of ShineHub with the disruptive in-front and behind-the-meter grid-edge capabilities of Amp X in a first-of-its-kind offering to the Australian market.

“This is about harnessing the world class energy technology and experience of two leading providers to address the needs of local Australian operators and customers of all sizes. Together, utilising world- leading technology, we’re able to tailor a full service digital solution to both entire communities and to large grid scale networks incorporating generation and storage assets that also potentially incorporates hydrogen production.”

For grid operators, that includes a suite of services enabling the dynamic shaping of demand that helps meet some of the challenges of frequency stability.

And for end customers, it’s providing an optimised, easy-to-use, user-centric energy management solution that saves money, as well as contributing to greater system security and flexibility.

For Amp X, the partnership also provides a broader strategic presence in the Australian National Energy Market.

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Amp X head Dr Irene Di Martino said, “Amp X is excited to be partnering with ShineHub’s market-leading team in providing this critical solution to help manage Australia’s rapidly evolving energy transition, benefiting consumers and grid operators while providing grid services that can enhance system security. Leveraging a unique customer-centric technology to unlock and maximise behind-the-meter flexibility, Amp X will work with ShineHub to deliver a secure, reliable means of integrating large volumes of affordable, renewable energy into the National Energy Market.”

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