Used EV prices a “stunning example” of govt failure

Close up shot of shiny red Tesla EV in garage (polestar)
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Reports of secondhand electric vehicles (EVs) now selling in Australia for more than their retail price is testament to the Australian Government’s failure to create a healthy and functional EV market, according to the Electric Vehicle Council.

Lloyds Auctions recently revealed it was auctioning secondhand EVs for higher prices at auction than their original retail price, with people realising how much they could save in fuel per year by owning an EV.

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EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari said the Lloyds Auction experience was remarkable.

“This is a stunning reflection of how the Australian Government has allowed demand to totally outstrip supply on EVs, leaving Australian consumers with the choice between a massive wait or paying above-retail for a used car,” Jafari said.

“The Morrison Government seems to have confused its own myopic views about EVs with those of average Australians and has completely misjudged how demand would grow.

“Australians have seen right through the nonsense that was peddled by the government about EVs at the last election, and they’re now queuing up to buy one. But the shelves are empty because the federal government has made Australia such a uniquely hostile market to EVs.

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“Global carmakers are far more interested in selling cars in Europe or the US or even New Zealand, where fuel efficiency standards are established and governments offer unambiguous support to the transition.

“Every Australian who wants to buy an EV should have the same array of options as their counterparts in America or Europe. The fact that they do not is the fault of the federal government and its unique hostility to EVs.”

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