Second Basslink would help maximise renewable energy advantage

A second undersea cable connecting Tasmania’s electricity system with the mainland would help Australia maximise its renewable energy advantage, the Clean Energy Council said following an announcement to undertake a feasibility study by the Prime Minister and state Premier.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said a strong electricity network is crucial to deliver a smarter and more flexible energy system that could transport renewable energy to where it is needed.

“The Tasmanian economy has largely run on hydro power for more than a century,” Mr Thornton said.

“A second Basslink connection would allow more renewable energy to be exported from Tasmania to the rest of the country during times of abundance, and enhance energy security during unexpected challenges such as the low rainfall currently impacting the state.

The study will set a benchmark to better assess other opportunities to improve the interconnection of the energy system across the country, according to Mr Thornton,

“South Australia for example is a leader in the installation of new renewable energy such as solar and wind, and better connection between the different parts of the network would enable ever-greater amounts of clean energy to be easily integrated into the system.”