SA Labor releases Hydrogen Jobs Plan

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South Australia’s Opposition Labor Party has today announced its Hydrogen Jobs Plan, which has been welcomed by The Australia Institute and Australian Hydrogen Council.

The Plan involves building a 200MW hydrogen-fuelled power station to provide firming capacity in the South Australian Electricity Market, utilising hydrogen electrolysers which are able to be used as a form of energy storage through the regulation of their production.

Labor says in its Hydrogen Plan that it will:

  • build 250MWe capacity of hydrogen electrolysers
  • build a new 200MW Combined Cycle Turbine powered by the hydrogen produced by the electrolysers
  • build hydrogen storage capacity capable of holding 3600 tonnes of hydrogen
  • establish Hydrogen Power SA, a government owned enterprise to offer a firming service to renewable generation facilities in SA
  • ensure projects are operational by 2025.

Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Dr Fiona Simon congratulated the State Labor Opposition party on its Hydrogen Jobs Plan, “for its vision for an energy future powered by hydrogen”.

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“This plan has a clear focus on putting policy in place to secure jobs of the future, increase the state’s energy independence and reduce carbon emissions,” Dr Simon said.

“South Australia is a renewable powerhouse with an ambitious renewables agenda to reduce emissions and lower electricity prices for consumers and industrial users. Hydrogen can step in and help South Australia achieve its vision by firming electricity supply, reducing emissions from industries such as transport and manufacturing, and creating a new export industry.”

The Australia Institute SA director Noah Schultz-Byard said, “Clean sources of power, including green hydrogen produced from 100 per cent renewable electricity, are the future of energy. Putting South Australia at the centre of the global energy transition is the smart thing to do.

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“South Australia is already a leader in renewable energy and, by committing to funding exclusively green hydrogen, the state is now leading the nation once again.

“Other jurisdictions, including the Federal Government, have so far failed to rule out the funding of dirty, fossil fuelled hydrogen power. If they don’t catch up with South Australia and start to invest in the clean energy technologies of the future soon, they will be left behind.”