Rewarding young people for future thinking

Hydro Tasmania is inviting Tasmania’s young people to imagine the future of energy supply and use, as part of its centenary celebrations.

The Schools Future Thinking competition asks students in grades five to 10 to consider how the industry might source and use energy 100 years from now.

“One hundred years ago marked the start of ‘the Hydro’ in Tasmania. Those who worked on the early power schemes could not have imagined some of the technologies we use today to provide energy for homes and businesses,” Hydro Tasmania’s Helen Locher said.

“This competition asks young people to dream big and imagine the future they will be living in, 100 years from now. It’s these young people who will play a big part in shaping that future, so it’s fitting we’re asking what they think it might look like.”

The competition was launched in August at Albuera Street School, which is also celebrating its centenary this year.

“Critical and creative thinking is one of the general capabilities in the Australian curriculum and competitions such as this provide opportunities for students to make connections between the content in different curriculum areas as well as the general capabilities,” Albuera Street School Principal Kerry McMinn said.

“We recognise school kids spend a lot of time in structured learning and research-based consideration of our possible near-term future. We thought how nice it could be to offer them an opportunity to just let loose with any ideas on our energy future, no matter how far-fetched or unrealistic they may seem to us at this point in time, with no right or wrong ideas,” Dr Locher said.

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