REpower systems SE sign wind farm contract

REpower Systems SE has signed a contract with Meridian Energy Limited to supply 64MM92 wind turbines, each with 2.05MW of rated power, to the Mt Mercer wind farm.

The Mt Mercer wind farm project is based in Victoria, located approximately 30km south of Ballarat.

This is REpower’s first contract with Meridian Energy and the company’s largest ‘supply and install’ contract for its MM series turbines in Australia to date.

The wind turbines are scheduled to be installed and commissioned between September 2013 and January 2015.

REpower Systems SE chief executive officer Andreas Nauen said the project is a “landmark order”.

“We are delighted our wind turbine technology has been selected by Meridian Energy to construct the Mt Mercer wind farm. This reinforces our position as one of the leading players in the Australian wind energy sector, a key market for us in the years ahead,” he said.

With 2.05MW of rated power, an individual turbine installed onshore can supply more than 1250 households with electricity. As it has 131MW of rated power, the Mt Mercer wind farm will provide power to around 82,000 households.

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