Reposit Power combats power prices with smart tech

A new feature released by energy management company Reposit Power is allowing consumers slash their electricity bills and gain more control over how they use energy stored in their solar battery setups.

Reposit Power has announced an integration with If This, Then That (IFTTT) – an expansive, free automation platform that helps users connect apps, services, and devices.

Reposit Power CEO Dean Spaccavento said homeowners could now use smart technology to take advantage of the cheap energy produced by their solar battery setups.

“Using Reposit and IFTTT, homeowners can automatically turn on their most energy draining appliances when their solar battery is full, and their solar panels are generating ‘free’ energy,” Mr Spaccavento said.

“This new feature also gives homeowners the power to reduce their electricity bills by using their solar battery setups more efficiently.”

NSW Reposit Power customer Nick Pfitzner said using Reposit, IFTTT, and smart home technology meant he was getting the best value from his solar battery setup, even when he wasn’t at home.

“I usually had to rely on timers… now I can actually run other devices without worrying about whether the sun is out or not because the IFTTT integration will help control those for me,” Mr Pfitzner said.

“The integration with the IFTTT platform has allowed me to control devices remotely whether I need to turn them on or off or whether I can set rules for excess solar spill allowing me to turn on the pool pump when there is excess solar or turn it off there isn’t any excess solar.

“It’s great and convenient to just be able to see what’s happening in the house and then be able to act on it when I need to because I can turn things on and off remotely.”