Report says climate concern at record high amid floods

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The Climate of the Nation 2022 Report reveals record numbers of Australians are “very concerned” about climate change as record floods and extreme weather continue to wreak havoc across eastern Australia.

The report also says the majority of Australians believe governments are not doing enough to prepare for and adapt to the impacts, according to the largest and longest running research program into climate change attitudes in Australia.

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The Climate of the Nation Report, now in its 15th year running, demonstrates the strong support for measures that limit and better tax fossil fuels, and fast track and fund climate solutions report reveals more than two thirds of Australians want the country to host the world’s largest climate conference.

The research shows a growing frustration at energy companies and a strong appetite to transition of gas and coal and onto electric homes.

Report highlights include:

  • 75% are concerned about climate change, with the number of those “very concerned” continuing to increase year on year.
  • 83% of Australians are concerned climate change will result in droughts and flooding affecting crop production and food supply
  • 83% are concerned climate change will result in more bushfires
  • 80% agree that climate impacts should be considered by the Environment Minister when approving future fossil fuel projects (or a ‘climate trigger’)
  • 61% support a windfall profits tax on the oil and gas industry, just one-fifth (19%) oppose. Support for a windfall profits tax on the oil and gas industry is broad, with majority support across age, state, gender and voting intention demographics

“As flood waters continue to rise at record levels, so too does the number of Australians worried about climate change impacts, with concern over floods at record highs,” said Richie Merzian, director of climate and energy for the Australia Institute.

“The Climate of the Nation report shows Australians are fed up with the mismanagement of the country’s natural resource wealth and want a windfall profits tax on the gas industry and a levy on our fossil fuel exports to help pay for climate related disasters.

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“Australians are dealing with the high-cost consequences of relying on gas and coal power and three quarters want the government to step in and plan the shift to renewables and storage.

“The massive opportunities that the energy and transport transition could bring are recognised by many Australians. Most agree that tackling climate change will create opportunities, jobs, and investment in regional Australia, and they support the industry policy and vocational training needed to reap those benefits.”

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