Regional towns shoot for 100pc renewables

The town of Uralla – just outside Katherine in the Northern Territory – is aiming to become the first in Australia to become a Zero Net Energy Town (Z-NET).

Initial steps towards the move to 100 per cent renewables included a five-day forum, where community members and businesses gathered to discuss energy options for the town.

Moreland Energy Foundation has been contracted to provide a blueprint model for the project, and analyse energy use through alternative streetlights, and waste, water and sewerage options. It’s expected the project will be completed within seven-10 years.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy Lesley Williams said the town already uses solar power on local aged care facilities and to heat the local swimming pool, and council believes the move will cut its energy bills.

“Uralla was successful because of its very strong support from the community, local business and local residents but importantly the local government sector,” she said.