Redflow announces integration with Sunsynk hybrid inverters

Redflow CEO Tim Harris standing in front of batteries (battery microgrid)
Redflow CEO Tim Harris

Zinc-bromine flow battery specialist Redflow has announced the successful integration of its batteries with the Sunsynk range of hybrid inverters.

Australian and global integrators can now offer the Sunsynk hybrid inverter to customers using Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries in their energy storage solution.

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The Sunsynk inverter offers the ability to connect solar and batteries to a single or three-phase grid-connected inverter, continue charging batteries from solar PV during a grid outage, and control a backup generator if required as a small microgrid.

As a fully compliant CEC listed, grid-connected inverter, the Sunsynk hybrid inverter provides a different option for customers using Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries.

Redflow CEO Tim Harris said, “Our aim is to give customers a choice when they are designing their energy storage solution. We understand that requirements vary, and our aim is to offer a range of inverter options to ensure all their needs are met.

“The Sunsynk hybrid inverter is one such option. This inverter simplifies the way customers connect to the grid and seamlessly integrates batteries and solar, which will be particularly beneficial for off-grid (with some small additional requirements), commercial and industrial customers,” Harris said.

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The integration testing was completed at Redflow’s Integration and Testing facility in South Australia.

Sunsynk inverters are currently sold in the UK, Europe, South Africa (and into Africa), Hong Kong, and China and are already established in Australia.

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