RE Hub inks five-year offtake deal for Kiata Wind Farm

wind farm

John Laing and Windlab, together with TFS Green’s Renewable Energy Hub (RE Hub) have announced a major transaction wit the Kiata Wind Farm and Infigen Energy.

Turbines at the $77 million wind farm in western Victorian started turning in January.

Operating at a capacity factor of more than 45 per cent so far in 2018, Kiata Wind Farm is an excellent example of a superior wind asset located far from the coastline, TFS Australia’s Chris Halliwell said.

“We are very excited to announce another successful offtake agreement with such a great performing asset and contract counterparties,” Mr Halliwell said.

“We are seeing plenty of activity across the NEM, with RE Hub Marketplace presenting a menu of PPA, and C&I energy contracts across Australia.”

The wind farm – owned by John Laing, Windlab, and community investors – has a nameplate capacity of 31.05MW.

A previous transaction regarding Kiata Wind Farm was announced in 2017, seeing the Victorian Government securing Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) for a 10-year period.

As part of its role in the transaction, Renewable Energy Hub has committed to add $5000 to the Kiata Community Grant Program for 2019, which will fund two or more projects contributing to environmental, economic, and/or social sustainability in the region.

The RE Hub model serves wholesale renewable energy projects, energy buyers and energy retailers.