Queensland reaches 25% renewable energy milestone

Solar panels and wind turbines pictured with electricity transmission towers in the background (future made in australia)
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Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni has confirmed that renewable energy now provides a quarter of the Sunshine State’s electricity.

Minister de Brenni said, “Queensland remains on track to reach our 2030 renewable energy and emissions reductions target thanks to our partnerships with investors and landholders.

“Once renewables dominate the wholesale electricity market, we will see long-term reductions in wholesale power prices, with the CSIRO’s most recent GenCost Report reaffirming that renewables are the cheapest form of energy.

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“But we can only do this by transitioning away from coal and gas generation, which continues to set the wholesale electricity market and drive electricity prices up for Queenslanders.

“We know Queenslanders are working hard to increase renewable energy uptake in the Sunshine State, with more than 800,000 rooftops now fitted with solar.

“We will see further opportunity for local businesses, and a significant economic uplift for regional and rural communities as we continue towards our targets and enshrine the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan in law.”

Queensland Conservation Council campaigner Stephanie Gray commented, “It’s wonderful to see Queensland reach this significant clean energy milestone. But we need to make sure that there’s no slowing down in renewable investment if we’re going to meet our renewable energy targets, bring down the state’s emissions and slash power bills.

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“Across the country we’ve seen a concerning drop in the number of solar and wind farms reaching financial close. In Queensland, the state government has made investments in new publicly-owned clean energy projects, but we have no policy incentive to drive the private investment that’s also needed to transform the energy system.

“Our research shows that in 2022 Queensland’s solar and wind farms drove down wholesale electricity prices to the extent that they effectively saved all Queensland households $100.

“Bringing online more renewable energy projects sooner will help bring down bills quicker, which have been inflated due to high global coal and gas prices.”

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