Projections for Tasmania’s hydro storages

Hydro Tasmania has provided the Tasmanian Government with an updated projection for the low point for hydro storages, in light of yesterday’s announcement by Basslink.

Previous projections had factored in an earlier return to service date for Basslink and average inflows to hydro storages, which have not eventuated.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said if average inflows are received in the months leading into winter, the low point for total energy in storage will be around 13.5 per cent and this would be reached during April.

“Over the past three months, inflows have been just above half the level of average inflows. If inflows continue to be just above half of average through to June, we expect storages will get down to around 12 per cent and hold at that level,” Mr Davy said.

“Measures being implemented under the Energy Supply Plan mean that we are able to access alternative energy sources, such as diesel and gas, to minimise the draw on hydro storages.”

The contribution of gas generation at the Tamar Valley Power Station, diesel already running and demand-side reductions to date have replaced the imports Tasmania had been getting over Basslink.

Mr Davy said even with a relatively dry late Autumn and early Winter, Tasmania receives reasonable inflows during May and June.

“It always rains in our catchments in winter and there is no reason to believe this winter will be any different,” he said.

“However, if the rainfall through to June is even lower than half the historical average, the Energy Supply Plan will provide a response as the situation unfolds.”

The total energy in storage at Monday 28 March was 13.9 per cent. The drop of 0.7 per cent on the previous week was the result of lower inflows, higher demand and the drop off of some load reductions that had been in place.

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