Pre-paid meters installed in Kimberley communities

Residents in five Kimberley Aboriginal communities will enjoy improved affordability of electricity, after the recent installation of pre-payment meters by Horizon Power.

Horizon Power has undertaken the upgrades in Emu Creek, Munthanmar, Bell Springs and Mud Springs, all near Kununurra in the east Kimberley, and the community of Loanbun, near Fitzroy Crossing, in the west Kimberley.

The installation of the pre-payment meters means the communities will move away from the ‘chuck-in’ system of payment for power, which often results in large levels of debt being accrued by communities.

For the first time, residents will now also have access to energy rebates.

“I am very pleased to see Horizon Power working with communities to provide solutions to improve affordability of electricity for residents, and also reduce debt owed by remote communities,” Energy and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt said.

“I am also reassured that each network has had a full safety assessment during this process, and these upgrades will ensure greater safety for the community moving forward.”

The project also includes important safety upgrades for the communities. Horizon Power undertook network condition reports on all five communities, ensuring the safety of the existing electrical infrastructure.

The pre-payment meters are also designed to detect potential faults in the house they are connected to, and the network.