Powerlink lends a helping hand to South Australia

Powerlink Queensland has provided its technical expertise to its South Australian counterpart ElectraNet to assist with its upgrade of critical network components, and to improve response times during network outages.

Powerlink provided consulting services to ElectraNet to advance its Static VAr Compensator (SVC) upgrade projects in the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide.

Powerlink chief executive Merryn York said the Queensland-owned corporation was pleased to be able to share its knowledge in this technical area to assist its South Australian transmission colleague.

“The consulting work is a great example of leveraging our expertise and demonstrating the value we can provide within the industry,” Ms York said.

“It’s part of our future plans to use consulting opportunities to build our business and assist the transmission industry in Australia.”

ElectraNet engineering delivery manager Ashwin Maharaj said the project was important as certain components of the SVC had reached the end of their technical life.

“This work will extend the SVC’s service life by another 20 years, and will also involve installation of modern digital systems, thereby reducing analysis response time following unplanned outages,” he said.

“It’s been great to have Powerlink’s involvement during the procurement stage of this project given their experience working with SVCs across Queensland.”

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